• Festival La Strada, Graz, 2017

The company

Directed by composer Michel Risse, Décor Sonore produces sound installations and performances in public spaces.

The city is Decor Sonore’s support and material for its dramatic investigation. Its creations indulge in sounds, resonances, harmonies of natural or industrial elements our everyday urban life is composed of, to offer us a unique perception of the world. Its unusual productions invite us to listen to our sound environment differently and re-invent our relationship to music.

Internationally regarded as one of the most innovating French companies, Décor Sonore offers uncommon entertainments combining drama, pyrotechnics, poetry, technology, humour, and, of course, musical creation. Its productions range from very intimate forms to huge events, and talks to every audience.


Décor Sonore was founded in 1985 by two multi-talented musicians : Michel Risse and Pierre Sauvageot were experimenting on electronic instruments, early computers and samplers, as well as on raw acoustic materials snatched from daily life.

Michel Risse

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, electro-acoustician and artistic director of Décor Sonore, Michel Risse considers the city as an open place for inventing new music.

Our team

Due to its musical roots, Decor Sonore company operates as a rock band, or a baroque ensemble: each member acts in intelligence and autonomy, in a constant mutual listening, so that the polyphony of this collective energy goes in the same direction, well beyond individual capacities.

The company recommends that you listen with headphones to get the most out of the sound work.

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