Urbaphonix in Brest – August, Thursday 16th

Posted on August 5, 2012

Without a word, all of a sudden, a moving five-person crew enters into the soundscape. Without turntables or synthesizers, the musicians of Urbaphonix listen to their sonic surroundings and compose using only what is already all around us but what no one listens to: the mechanical sounds of traffic, the hums of heating ducts and air conditioning vents, bodies, conversations, and, especially, urban furnishings, which serve both as the stage and as a limitless source of instruments for this instant theater.  In order to create something never heard before, unpredictable, and enchanting, their talent lies in their ability to make us hear what is already there, but what no one noticed, because no one thought to listen.
Disciples of Luigi Russolo, Pierre Schaeffer and Murray Schafer, they faithfully apply John Cage’s advice: “If a sound disturbs you, listen to it!”

August, Thursday 16th 2012
Hours : 7.30pm

Free, no booking

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