“Music and ecologies of sound” International Symposium – Université Paris 8 – May 2013

Posted on April 2, 2013

In recent music as well as in sound art, sound has emerged as a crossroad of theoretical and practical questions. Many of these questions concern the permanent interaction of sound with what surrounds it: physical space, the environment, the audience… This interaction leads to the idea of an ecology of sound as a relationship between music or sound and oikos, the common home, the world. Félix Guattari designates three ecologies: environmental, social and mental. What then are the links between music or sound and the environment (or nature), society and subjectivity? More generally, what are the links between music-sound and the world? Studying these links will help us define the boundaries of a flourishing artistic field, ranging from practices based on the notion of soundscape to Agostino Di Scipio’s “audible ecosystem”. The numerous other thematics – “listening”, “music-nature”, “towards an ecomusic(ology)”, “sound, environment, architecture “, “field recording, phonography, sonic journalism”, “site-specific works”, “towards an ecosophy” – will lead to the analysis of practices and theories, which aim not only to develop our knowledge of the interactions between music-sound, the environment, society and subjectivity, but also to think about the possibility of changing the world for the better.

Organized by
Makis Solomos, Guillaume Loizillon (université Paris 8), Pascale Criton (Art&fact), Roberto Barbanti (université Paris 8), Carmen Pardo Salgado (université de Girone), Kostas Paparrigopoulos (Technological educational institute of Crete), Joëlle Caullier (université Lille 3).

Unité de recherches Esthétique, musicologie, danse et création musicale
Labex Arts H2H
In collaboration with La Muse en Circuit and the magazine Filigrane. Musique, esthétique, sciences, société

Monday, May 27th from 12pm until 1pm
Hélène Doudiès (PhD candidate in music and theatre, University Toulouse 2, France) : “Transformer l’écoute ? Analyse et réception de créations sonores en espace public, à partir d’œuvres de Michel Risse”.

Thursday, May 30th from 3pm until 3.40pm
Michel Risse : “Sharawadji : le compositeur en jardinier acoustique”

Free entry

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Université Paris 8 Saint-Denis
2 Rue de la Liberté
93200 Saint-Denis, France
Métro : line 13 – Saint-Denis Université

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