In production

Chiche ! 

A spectacular musical impromptu featuring an attempt to break free from all-digital, all-electronic and even all-electricity...

Creation 2025

  • All audiences

Chiche ! is a fiction based on the recent energetic crisis and the ones that will probably follow: what if electricity doesn’t exist anymore, at all? In this situation, the contemporary artist would have to come up with new tools, supports, media, languages, to go on creating. Before we’re actually forced to renounce every technology depending on electricity, Chiche ! seeks an artistic, magical and joyfully questioning alternative!

With this new outdoors production, we try to offer a renewed, sensitive relationship between art, the artist and its instrument, that has been lost in this all-digital world. As in our previous works on soundscape, the aim is to make the audience hear the “déjà-là”: the apparent banality of our everyday surrounding, that actually contains a profusion of acoustic treasures waiting to be revealed. In this vision of the world, objects become instruments, and music is not a merchandise like any other. It’s a reappropriation of our environment, an invitation to come together, as in a community garden.

As in every Decor Sonore production, the staging of listening should lead to this revelation: we can hear, we can hear again, we can finally hear!

We’re looking for partners for residencies and co-production: for more info, contact Kristele Ajavon.

The team

Artistic direction : Michel Risse
Production Manager : Renaud Biri
Research and acoustic development : LAM – CNRS
Lute-making : Adrien Collet, Emeline Chevalier
Construction : Yoann Cottet
Staging assistance : Martine Rateau, Julot Cousins
Script-girl : Mathilde Risse
Musicians : casting in progress.. (4 artists)
Production : Kristele Ajavon
Marketing : Camille Cheminet

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