Campus sonoris : Instrument|Monument in Jussieu’s campus – Paris

Posted on September 16, 2011

Decor Sonore

The Paris « Quartier latin » (latin district) was born exactly where the UPMC (Pierre and Marie Curie University) is located today : the St Victor Abbey was at the XIIth Century one of the most prominent intellectual centers of the medieval western world. It gave birth to the Universities of Paris, where everyone taught, studied and spoke in latin. At this time, the word « campus » had not its modern English-American meaning as ” premises of education, restaurants and residence built on vast green spaces “: it indicated a “wide free space”, a “field (of actions)” or even a “theater” …

This new creation Instrument|Monument decyphers the University architecture as a score, listens to its structures and its furniture as musical instruments, to make the public space resonate, to sound out the campus : Campus sonoris.

Free entry.

Campus Jussieu (Architecture by Édouard Albert and Garden of sculptures by Adam Steiner)

Jussieu campus – UPMC Pierre and Marie Curie University
4, place Jussieu – 75005 Paris
Métro Jussieu lines 7 and 10

Residence of creation:
From Septembre 12nd until 16th, 2011

Performances – (admission free) :
Friday 16th, septembre at 8pm. Starting place Jussieu
Saturday 17th, september at 8pm. Starting place Jussieu

Campus Sonoris Team :
Artistic direction
Michel Risse

Technical direction
Renaud Biri

Michel Risse, Julien Bouchet,  Damien Boutonnet, Didier Couchi, Kristof Hiriart, Sabine Montlahuc, Kimiko Otaka, Fabio Turini

Tour management
Emeric Renard

Sound management
Olivier Moyne

Sound assistant
Arnaud Jardin

Jean Grison, Nicolas Tauveron

Aerial fixation management
Frédéric Sintomer

Technical operators
Flore Marvaud, Cédric Lasne, Gildas Celeste, Achille Bras, Alexis De Faramond

Administration and production
Nolwenn Semana

Communication and diffusion
Amandine Brignoli

Learn more about Instrument|Monument

Learn more about European Heritage Days at UPMC Universty

This creation takes place within the framework of the 2011-2013 residence of the company Decor Sonore in UPMC – Pierre and Marie Curie University, in support of DRAC Ile-de-France.
With the support of the circus and street cooperative 2r2c

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